The Sultan Hadji Bektasi Veli And His Aspects Of Faith And Worshiping


  • Hasan Yavuzer



Hadji Bektashi Veli, Islam, the Qur'an, mysticism, shari'a (Islamic law), religious order, ingenuity, actuality (truth), faith and worship


Hadji Bektashi Veli grows at Ahmet Yesevi's house and he has devoted himself to religious know- ledge for a young age. He is an Islamic scholar who dedicates his life to Islam, to the Qur'an, and to humanity. Hadji Bektashi Veli, moving in the XIII century from the Khorasans to Anatolia, is one of the sultans playing a major role for Turkification and Islamization of Anatolia.

In this study, Haci Bektas-i Veli's ideas over the matters of faith and worship are discussed. He regards faith as the hasis of religion, and accepts the faith in God's existence and unity as the hasis of the faith. He also accepts the worships such as praying, fasting, hajj, and zakat as the main essence of Islam, and states them as tasks to he fulfilled. He interprets the principles of Islam, especially faith, worship, and morality, through mysticism.



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